WaxingEyebrows – £5
Upper lip – £4
Chin – £4
Sides and jaw line – £7
Neck – £7
Full face and neck including eyebrows – £20
Full leg – £20
Half leg – £14
Full arms – £12
Half arms – £8
Basic bikini linex – £8
High bikini line – £12
Brazilian – £20
Hollywood – £23
Underarms – £8
Back – £18
Chest – £15
Full body (including full legs, arms, underarm, basic bikini and face)- £50


Waxing is by far the most popular treatment in salons across the UK and more and more people are choosing waxing as their number one method of hair removal. The benefits of waxing by far outweigh those of other methods such as shaving and other forms of depilatory.

Wax depilation involves the temporary hair removal in small and large areas and can be used for almost any part of the body, giving instant results. This method of hair removal provides a quick and efficient way of removing hair from the body and removes both the visible hairs and hair from the base of the root. The re-growth appears softer and finer as the hair grows back tapered which means there is no stubble! The results of waxing are much better than shaving as you don’t need to even think about booking another appointment for at least 3 weeks!

From brows to Brazilians, here at our Manchester based Jay Bassan Beauty salon we offer a wide range of waxing services to suit all your hair removal needs.