Threading is fast becoming the fashionable way in which to remove hair from small areas of the face. Eyebrows are the most commonly threaded area but it is not uncommon to request for the upper lip, chin and sides of the face to be threaded too.

Eyebrows – £6
Upper lip – £4
Chin – £4
Sides and jaw line – £7
Neck – £7
Full face and neck, including eyebrows – £20


Threading is a safe, effective, organic way of removing hair and the greatest advantage of this treatment is that it catches the tiniest of hairs, meaning you don’t have to wait for the hair to be a significant length before booking your treatment!

Threading is the gentle alternative to temporary facial hair removal like waxing, sugaring, bleaching and other forms of depilatory as it does not use chemicals or affect the layers of the skin causing sensitivity.

This treatment is becoming so popular because it is quicker than tweezers while being more comfortable than waxing with minimum discomfort and after effects.

By using just a piece of thread, the most perfect arch can be formed in your brows, giving them the shape and precision they need to look perfect!