Gel Nails

gel-nailsGel Nails by EzFlow


Gel Manicure – £20
French Gel Manicure – £22
Gel Pedicure – £20
French Gel Pedicure – £22
Nail Removal – £4


Gel nails are the revolutionary new way of treating yourself to the perfect manicure but with results that last for at least two weeks! There is nothing worse than booking in for a manicure only to chip your nails as soon as you’ve left the salon!

Using products that are made of 100% gel ensures that the colour on your nails remain chip free. Each layer of polish is applied in exactly the same way as a traditional polish, but is cured under a lamp ensuring the longevity of this treatment. Your nails are left super shiny and with a colour that lasts and lasts!

Gel nails protect the natural nail and leave them healthier and stronger; a friendlier alternative to acrylic or gel overlays. Removal is also easier as there is no need for drilling or filing! A quick soak in the right products and your nails are left undamaged and ready for the gel polish to be reapplied.

Here at Jay Bassan Beauty in Manchester, we use the Trugel brand of gel polishes from EzFlow, which come in an assortment of the funkiest colours, guaranteed to match each and every outfit in your wardrobe!